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Looking For Part Time Work@Home Jobs? or an alternate income option?

Are you based in India looking for some extra income or an alternate career option? There are many roots and journeys that we can take in our lives, one that would lead to a prosperous employment or then again, a satisfactory job with earnings enough to accommodate your daily expenses. Or it may be that you are stuck with a job that never earns you money, or a housewife wanting to support her family.... or let's say a student or retiree looking for some extra earnings to pay off bills. Whichever path you are stuck in right now, don't you wish there was more money you can easily earn? Money helps to solve many problems in our lives and no matter how much we earn currently, there is always…..always enough space for more money. But how can we earn more money?

The answer is simple……INTERNET.

There is this simple way available now to earn part time money online just by sitting in front of your computer for a few hours a day…..and it's called part time internet based jobs.

Nikil, an accountant by profession, joined us to gain these financial benefits that online jobs have to offer. Within a year, he was able to save a considerable sum of money and he now has plans to buy a new car…..

Sushmitha, in her final year of studies is capable of helping her own expenses without troubling her parents….thanks to online jobs

Josh is a man on a mission, trying to surface his talents on his own business by opening his own café shop……but a little more income from online jobs has helped him immensely….

Many people in the world, earn money the smarter way. They do not work as hard as most Indians do. Then what is it with us? The answer is that we need to be smarter and effective. There are always two ways to do a thing….the harder way and the smarter way. We are here to bring you the smarter way to earn money. Part time online jobs are a great way to take off all those tiny little burdens you have!

All you need is:

1. Working knowledge of computers and internet
2. 1-2 hrs of free time or a little more on weekends
3. Age above 18 years
4. A bank account in your name to receive earnings
5. A desire to be successful

Work With Top MNCs sitting at Your own Home

Consider these 3 Groups:
1. Over the period of last few years internet has seen remarkable growth in terms of traffic and visitors. Worldwide more and more people are using this as a medium to search one or other information, services or product. With so much happening on internet, today each and every website, business and company wants to increase their online presence. The more visible a company is today, the better are its chances of getting business tomorrow. But how do companies increase online presence? Internet is not a television or radio channel where just a single ad can reach millions in one go. It needs a different approach, a better team effort, and a larger manpower.

2. Now to run a campaign (like posting of ads to increase online visibility) across internet a company has two choices; either to get everything done by itself or to outsource work. Getting everything done by itself means heavy capital investment and recurring expenses in terms of office setup, staff salary, equipment cost and other misc overheads. That's why now a days more and more companies find outsourcing a better approach; a smarter option to save on overheads and yet get the work done efficiently by hiring individuals or freelancers who can work from the internet from their own place.

3. This is where you come in the picture. If you as an individual are searching for some work at home jobs or part time earning opportunity, you can get associated with these companies as their online worker. Work for these companies and get paid directly in your bank account. It's a WIN-WIN Situation for Everyone. Companies get their work done and even after paying you handsomely, they save a good amount they otherwise would have spent in office setup and other recurring overheads.

Make Money The Smart Way, Not The Hard Way!


Companies Need You...

You as an online worker will be helping companies increase their visibility on internet by effectively placing their advertisements online on different places, which ultimately can lead to a better business for the company. Companies are more than happy to pay their online wrokers (like you) for their efforts. You get paid handsomely...sometime in 1000s


Companies' experts already plan everything for you. They have invented the very simple and no-hassle way for everyone to do such job. One just needs to start it with full spirit. Once you join, you can start your work anytime and almost immediately. There are 100s of such companies available from which you can choose yours easily. If a person has some more free hours, he can no doubt work for some more companies at a time.

No Target with No Time Restriction is its best features. You Can Work Anytime from Anywhere

1. Get Login Access. Start by generating your user account. Each user gets a unique login interface to monitor work and to receive earnings notification. Login interface can be made in personal or in business name (if any).

Online Survey Jobs

2. Select Companies and Get Ads. 100s of companies are available. Get readymade ads for free

Home Online Jobs

All the Ads are Already Prepared by Company Experts

3. Start placing the ads effectively on Internet. Many Options / Platforms are Available. Videos in EJobsJunction member's area will help you start quick.

Home Online Jobs

This is one of the option/platform available from many others inside members area. You can easily use this to post an ad online

4. Monitor Your Earnings. Via the account we created in step 1, we can monitor the earnings made via step 3. The same can be withdrawn to our bank on monthly, fortnightly or even on weekly basis.

Online Survey Jobs

US $147 in a Single Day by Working as an Independent Worker in only Part Time
These earnings can be withdrawn in to your bank account in your local currency. You can also request for a check payout

Let's take a Quick Look at some FAQs

Why would compaies even bother to give me work?
These companies save millions in costs by outsourcing the work they otherwise would have spent in fixed overheads, setup costs and recurring expenses. Even after paying you handsomely, they save huge. It is the smartest way of outsourcing manpower, it is the future and it is growing in popularity in a rapid phase.

Do I have to do any regular communication over the phone or in person?
NEVER! This is purely an online work.

Is it resembles with something like referral or chain system?
Not at all! You don't need to add any referrals after you. Your performance is what matters. You DO NOT need to join others to earn online money…it is yours….earned by your hard work… can enjoy every bit of it.

I live in a village. Will that be a disadvantage for me?
If you have access to internet and know how to use it, you easily can earn online money successfully by doing an online job.

What level of technical knowledge do I need about computing?
Zero knowledge about technical abilities is required to do this online job. You can type, you can understand English and you can post them online is all what you need as knowledge, which we understand as just soft skills in computing.

What is the process if I want to check my earning and how can I receive them?
A secured login interface will be provided to you using which you can easily check your earnins 24*7. Whatever you have earned can be withdrawn directly to your bank account in your local currency. Generally you get paid on monthly basis. It's all very easy and simple. Also with direct transfer facility, there is no risk of loosing a cheque in postage / courier

part time online jobs

Snapshot of my login interface.

Being a global work, earnings will reflect in USD. You can see that I have added my Indian bank account so that earnings can be directly transferred to my bank

part time online jobs work

You can withdraw earnings in any of your personal or business bank account. They will come in local currency only. No need to open any separate account

Working hard was the old way
Working effectively is the smart

Online Jobs from Home

simpley Work on Your Weekdays, And / Weekends or Only Few Days Per Week…it's all your wish.

Online Jobs from Home Online Survey Jobs Online Survey Jobs
You can work at your own phase The video instructions will prepare you to take up the online work What you will need is a computer with internet access. Experience the joy of earning easy cash, Wouldn't it be your dream job to take up online work? You can listen to your favorite music and never miss the favorite TV programs….all while working.

What's More...

1. It is a lifetime secured valid online account for YOU!
2. Choose from 11000 free companies to join in!
3. Everyone is accepted to join these companies, so are you!
4. NO customers to deal with and no follow-ups.
5. NO subordinates for you!
6. NO phone calls what so ever!
7. NO emails to the customers!

Just a few of the many testimonial we receive...

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **"We faced a lot of panic moments due to my husband's stressful hours at his work! Night shifts and even long hours of work were taking his toll. The worst thing was that he did not receive any expected appraisal either. We were facing great financial problems everyday! That was the time when one of my friend recommended me about this website. Thanks a lot to him, now I am able to take out my family from that slump. I want to say that this site has proved to be a very nice source of getting some real part time income to me in my free time. Now I am able to support my family well!

Anushka Agarwal, She is a Housewife, From - India

"Being a student I was looking for the type of work which can be done without affecting my existing schedule and studies. While exploring various part time work options, a friend suggested your site. That's when I came to know about various opportunities one can explore on internet. Today after 6 months into your work I am glad I started with OnlineJobsJunction. I am able to earn enough for my needs and without compromising on my studies or daily routine"

Akhil Ravindran, Kerala

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **"Sudden loss of job changed my life and I was in middle of no where. I started searching internet for any opportunity, at that time I found, immidiately I checked details on the website and also i visited their office to cross verifiy all the important things. Then at the same time I started with OnlineJosJunction and just few months now I never looked back. Their step by step program is really very helpful for me as a beginner. I would like to give Thanks for all support and help they given me and also for the superb examples and live demos they made available for me to quick learning and start in correct direction"

Piyush Das, He is from Mumbai, India

"I never knew that people from even the most remote of the places can actually work and earn without the need of migrating to a bigger city. Thanks to your team for showing me the path to start my own independent career online. You really opened the Pandora's box for me. I was literally unaware about the various opportunities internet provides. And yes, thanks for updating me about the direct bank transfer facility to receive earnings. It has become really easy and secure to receive funds. Thanks for all your help, continuous support and motivation"

Dashrath Gangaji Patil, Maharashtra

If You Are Serious About Earning Online

OnlineJobsJunction Membership has Everything You Require.

No Fancy Charges or Exorbitant Fees. Only a basic setup fee to maintain your account and to provide you support.

No Recurring Charges. Get Life Time Access @ $25 (Approx inr 1450)

Online Jobs from Home

part time online jobs
part time online jobs

Don't have a credit / debit card to take membership? Click Here

Online Home Jobs

Govt. Registered. Office Registration Number - PS013577 (Since 2007)

Justification for the charge of $25 (INR 1450 approx)

  1. We have invested on 100's of man power to make the system easier and convenient for you
  2. We have multimedia training manuals…just for you
  3. Your membership is for life time
  4. We will update you regularly as the online job demands update
  5. Our online support staff is dedicated all the way….just for you
  6. We DO NOT ask for renewal fees.
  7. We provide you with extra online work from home opportunities for the same membership.
  8. Since 2007 we have been here, we are safe and we are legitimate

Hold on….there is another great news for you to consider before you register with us.

You can earn money with our bonus programs @Onlinejobsjunction
This is exclusively for onlinejobsjunction members ONLY

Online Survey Jobs- BONUS online work - 1

You can have a research on the internet and find out that almost every website will charge you extra between $20-$60 for this. But with us, it is 100% free, because we value you more than anybody else.

There are many survey companies out there who conduct surveys online to promote something. These MNC's are searching for people like you, to conduct their surveys. They want you to simply answer a set of questions….easy isn't it? And what's more…..they will pay you for that.

You will get a set of multiple choice questions to answer about what you do in your daily life. These questions will be about a product or a service. Just tick on the options and you earned your online money for doing so. Sounds like going back to the school?


The fee that you might earn for a survey would be around $ 5 to $50, depending on the complexity of it. Indian companies will pay around Rs.100- Rs 800 per survey. Each survey will have its many questions. If you take up a longer survey...obviously you will be paid more. They will directly send you the money by a cheque or an online transfer within the shortest possible time.


You will only be giving your opinion....that's it. How many times have you met some of those annoying sales personnel who just beg for your opinion? And how many times have you given it for free? Now it is time to gain the true value of yourself out of your precious opinion and earn money online.

Check your mails a 2-3 times a week and you can easily earn a fair bit with this online job opportunity.

Absolutely 100% Free for all OnlineJobsJunction members

Earn lifelong via Google- BONUS online work - 2

To make some more money from Google, you should have one website / webpage / blog (it's very Easy and Free to get one. Details to get one are provided in OnlineJobsJunction membership area). You can register that website in Google by giving your name and to which address you want your monthly Cheque. After that Google will give you one code. You just have to copy that code and paste It. This will enable Google to place number of ads in your site. Whenever some one clicks on that ad, you get Minimum Rs. 5 to Rs. 25/- for a single click. Google sends you monthly Cheque for your work in Indian Rupee in your name on your address.



Note: If you want to work with this Bonus Program, Free & 'Very Easy to Use' Website building tool is already provided by us.

Google is the biggest advertising giant on internet. People from all over the world advertise on Google and they are willing to pay Rs. 10 to Rs. 100 for a single click (Advertiser get one visitor from one click) depending on the demand of the product. Google sense the content of our website / blog, places ads relevant to the content and pays a portion of this money for each and every click.



Search the internet and you will see 100s of success stories of individuals making it big online. Yes.. a lot of individuals just like you are making a real good amount of money using this work we have explained above. And Yes.. most of them are doing this in their free time; and many of them are still students going to colleges.

This is one system that won't make you rich overnight, but if you work regularly (1-2 hrs a day) and follow the simple instructions we have provided, you can go on to make a handsome money in your part time... sometimes even running in 6 figures. And this can continue for the longest possible time... you can receive Cheques directly by Google... month after month.. every month!

Absolutely 100% Free for all OnlineJobsJunction members

You can do All the Jobs your OnlineJobsJunction membership account together, or one at a time

Why Internet Based Options?
Internet is not the only thing which can give your finances a boost. There sure are a lot of other opportunities as well. But yes, online work options definitely has a edge and several benefits that may suit your requirements…

1. You don't have to change your existing schedule. You can work in whatever free time you have.

2. Unlike many traditional work options, it does not require you to have any setup. All you need is a computer connected to internet. That's it.

3. Online Jobs are never location dependent. Whether you live in a small village or a big city, opportunities and potential to earn is same for everyone.

4. You are never dependent on some one else for your earnings. There literally is No Boss. Also whatever you earn is purely yours. No one gets a commission… Not even us!

If you have some free time and seriousness to earn, we have everything else you may need

Start Today @ $25 (INR 1450 approx) ONLY
Lifetime Validity... 100% Access

Online Home Jobs

Online Job
Online Work

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Home Online Jobs

Govt. Registered. Office Registration Number - PS013577 (Since 2007)

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We never store your card details Upon registration and payment via credit / debit card, your secured registration ID will be mailed to you in 24 hrs time